Let Freedom for all religions ring across the land! Witches of the West
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    Amber Alert

    The Bard's Corner
    If you have a Pagan poem you would like to see here, send it to Rev. Eric Roberts. Thanks!
    When they ask to see your Gods,
    Your book of prayers,
    Show them the lines drawn delicately
    With veins on the underside of a bird's wing.
    Tell them you believe in giant sycamores
    mottled and stark against a winter sky.
    A sky, in nights so froze
    Starts to crack open
    Spilling streams of molten ice to Earth.
    Tell them how you drank
    The holy wine of honeysuckle
    On a warm spring day,
    And of the softness of your mother
    Who never taught you
    Death was life's reward,
    But who believes in the Earth and the Sun
    And a million, million light years of being.
    (author unknown)
    Love Lost by Eric Roberts