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    Love Lost

    The sunshine of my love has set.
    The fair light of love has left me.
    Why have the Fates dealt such a cruel blow to me?
    Why must I lose everything I love?
    My heart has been cruelly torn asunder by the axe of the Gods.
    Why could not that axe which rent my heart,
    Have cleaved my neck instead, to spare me the pain?
    Oh Cupid, why have your arrows soured?
    What have I done to cause Venus to turn her back on me?
    I offer love, and this I get in return:  The loss of the woman I love?
    It feels as if my heart has been ripped out of my chest.
    Why must I endure this pain again?
    My life is not worth living without her.
    My spirit is no longer whole.
    When my Lady left me, my spirit fled with her.
    Nothing matters anymore.
    My life has no meaning anymore.
    Not even the Gods could fill this void…
      Only She can.
    She was my strength when I was weak.
    She was my courage when I was fearful.
    She was my wisdom when I was foolish.
    She was my friend when I was in need.
    Now I am alone.
    Even amongst comrades, I will be alone.
    For without my Lady,
       I would be alone in a mob.
    My heart yearns for her…
    My body craves her…
    My mind will not let me forget her…
    Why cannot I forget so this pain will dissipate?
    Dark Morpheus, take me to your abode.
    Put me in a deep slumber that I shall never awaken from.
    I cannot take this pain any longer.
    I cannot take this loneliness.
    I am destined to lose all I love.
    What have I done to deserve this fate?
    I always see her…
    I always feel her…
    I always smell her…
    Why are my senses torturing me so?
    Death would be a sweet release.
    I would have rather been hacked to pieces in battle,
    Than go through this pain.
    This is a pain with no relief.
    Willow bark nor poppy can dull this pain.
    The only thing that will stop this pain is my Lady coming back to me…or death.
    Sometimes I get the urge to don my armor and fight for her heart…
    But that would not win her back…
    I would do anything in my power to get her back.
    For she is my life…
    my love…
    my existence…
    Release is near as I drink from Socrates' cup.
    No longer will my pain endure.
    For there is no longer a reason to go on living.
    Darkness is looming near.
    I feel the chill of Deaths touch as it slowly creeps up my body.
    Oh fair numbness at last!
    No more pain…
    No more sorrow…
    I say farewell to this world that is now barren to me.
    For it is now over with. 
    April 1993